3 Ways the World Can Help Youth in Foster Care

  1. Advocate for systemic change. Doncel’s Dana Borzese aptly described “the bomb in the birthday cake” faced by Argentine youth leaving foster care—that is, when youth turn 18, they are forced to exit care. It’s a key reason why 60 percent of care leavers drop out of high school. In response to this challenge, Doncel has been particularly successful in achieving major legislative changes. They conducted original research, built coalitions across sectors and national borders, and trained both policymakers and caregivers on the needs and rights of youth. As a result, Doncel was instrumental in passing Ley No. 27.364, which will guarantee financial support for youth exiting the care system and entering independent living.

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of young people are in the foster care system , and, worldwide, UNICEF reports the numbers jump into the millions. With research showing that youth exiting care without a forever family are more likely to experience homelessness, unemployment, and incarceration as adults […]

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