5 Therapy Apps that Could Change the Mental Health Game for Foster Youth

Apps are making it easier for youth to access help when they need it. Photo by Sara Tiano Inside and outside the foster care community, mental health is a pressing issue that impacts the lives of millions of Americans. In recent years, there has been a healthy trend toward ….

3. SuperBetter
This free app makes a game out of positive psychology and behavior change to help users battle anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.

In the game, “allies” and “power-ups” — or easy positive actions that make you feel better — help you defeat “bad guys” — negative thoughts, habits or other barriers to your mental health goals — on your “quests” toward your “epic wins.”

The idea is that gamifying mental health goals helps users bring the same psychological strengths naturally expressed when playing games — like optimism, creativity, courage and determination — to their real lives.

SuperBetter was built by a professional game designer using tried-and-true methods for provoking positive emotions, and in two separate studies has shown to decrease anxiety and improve moods. This app does not provide licensed therapy services, though, so for some kiddos it might be best as a supplement to traditional or online therapy.

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