Ohio Couple builds family through adoption

‘A lot of kids out there need a good home’

November is National Adoption Month, and a Marion couple, Brian and Tamy Glenn shared their story of adoption and foster care with the Marion County Commissioners Tuesday in honor of Marion County’s participation in celebrating Adoption Month.

This celebration of National Adoption Month comes as 15 youths in Marion County are waiting for a forever home, 10 of which are over 13 years old, a challenging age for adoption and foster care.

With over 15,000 Ohio children living in foster care, including over 100 in Marion County, according to Marion County Children Services, the Glenn family saw a clear need to give kids a safe home.

Ten years ago, the Glenns, unable to have kids of their own, decided to pursue fostering kids in their Marion County home.

For two years, the Glenns traversed the lengthy licensure process of courses, background and finger print checks and periods of waiting to move through the approval system before successfully gaining licensure to foster and foster-to-adopt.

It was around the same time that someone close to their family gave birth to a baby boy that she couldn’t take care of at the time, and Brian and Tamy were able to take him into their home.

After two more years of the adoption process: the boy became their son.

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