A Mother Reflects On Adoption And Parenting Without Perfection

Foster Today websiteTERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. Race became a central issue in my guest Kristen Howerton’s life when she adopted two black children. Howerton is white. She decided to adopt after several miscarriages. First, she adopted a 6-month-old who was in foster care. And later, she adopted an infant from an orphanage in Haiti. But by the time the adoption went through, he was 3 years old. After being told she would never be able to have biological children, she gave birth to two daughters.

Her new book, “Rage Against The Minivan,” which is also the name of the blog she created several years ago, is about miscarriage, birth, adoption, being the daughter of a pastor and then the wife of a pastor and then leaving the church. And it’s about race and what she learned about white privilege. Howerton is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She co-hosts the podcast “Selfie.” Kristen Howerton, welcome to FRESH AIR.

KRISTEN HOWERTON: Well, thanks for having me.

GROSS: On Twitter, you describe …  continue reading:

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