Arkansas couple adopts 7 siblings ahead of Christmas

A couple fought long and hard for a set of seven siblings in Arkansas’ Foster Care System, now those children have a forever home.

Just days before Christmas the court finalized the Hawthorn family’s adoption.

“Our first words were ok we’ll do it for a couple of years but we will not adopt,” said mother Terri Hawthorn. These were Terri and Michael Hawthorn’s words when they chose to become foster parents years ago.

Many children have come in and out of their homes throughout the years, catering love and safety to them all.

In April the couple adopted a set of two siblings, Korgen and Haizlee. On Monday, Dec. 3, they won their biggest challenge and added the team of seven to the mix.

“It feels good to actually have a family to wake up to every morning,” said Kyndal Hawthorn.

The kids expressed their desire to share their story with everyone, in hopes it can help other children like them.

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