Former Foster Child: Believe in Yourself, Not the Statistics

I was in foster care for 14 years. I was in 10 different foster homes and two different group homes. I represent 1% of a population who achieved success. Statistics show that 1% to 3% of former foster youth earn a college degree. Obviously, the statistics are smaller at the master’s degree level.

I didn’t find out who my biological father was until I reached 19. Despite the fact I know who my father is, I’ve never physically met my brothers who are my father’s sons, nor have I ever been to my father’s house. I have little to no family support.

However, regardless of these circumstances, I realized that I am amazing and that I can succeed regardless of what I must persevere through. There are people who don’t even believe that I earned a master’s degree because they believe it is impossible for someone from my circumstances to be successful…

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