Best Fiction for Young Adults – A Foster Themed Book

Mila has recently aged out of the foster care system when she lands an internship teaching and living in the middle of nowhere, California. She’s internally hoping for a second chance at love and connection and idealistically determined to help other foster kids find the same. As Mila gets used to farm and family life and cautiously makes connections with others, she’s reminded of peculiar events from her past. As it becomes increasingly difficult for Mila to tell reality from memory, she learns who she can trust. She must courageously face the real and imagined ghosts in both her past and her present to heal.

Part ghost story, part realistic fiction, Watch Over Me (available here through Amazon) is an emotionally intense story of trauma and recovery. This haunting and hopeful novel explores themes of memory, survival, and how we define what it means to be “family.” LaCour’s beautiful writing has such a strong sense of place; readers will instantly feel the fog and quiet of the coastal setting. The suspense will stick with readers as they root for Mila to find a way to accept the love and trust she so longs for…

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