Bridge to Brilliance event focuses on resources for former foster youths

Lindsey has a personal understanding of the topic, as she was once in the foster care system. Her book focuses on how she learned to overcome struggles in her life and fight for a better, happier existence. One of the main ways she did that was establishing daily habits that have a positive impact on her life.

“Research has shown that childhood trauma can shorten a person’s life, and I wanted to find a way to counteract that,” she said. “I often tell people that you have to fight for your life like you’re training for the Olympics. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, walking, a constructive hobby or a myriad of other positive activities, people need to do something to find a way to heal their trauma and improve their lives.”

One of the student panelists will be Abigail Young, a UHV senior from Houston who is expected to earn a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in legal assistance and administration studies in May 2022. Young was in foster care until her foster mother died when Young was 18 and a senior in high school. Because she was no longer a minor, she aged out of the foster system and had to find a way to move forward in life on her own.

Young enrolled at UHV thanks to resources available to foster students, such as scholarships, and living in the residence halls gave her a home when she had nowhere else to go. However, she ended up struggling academically until she reached out to an academic advisor for help…

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