Child advocates known as Guardian Ad Litems give voice to the voiceless even during pandemic

“I feel like I make a difference for the children,” Valla said, “I feel like I make their lives better and I ensure they get the services they need to become successful.”

COVID-19 has changed how we live, work and interact with one another. For Guardian Ad Litem volunteers who advocate for children — the challenges have been one after the next.

Becoming a Guardian ad Litem

Children who are going through the court system needing foster care, adoption or may have been in an abusive home are just a few of the cases the program sees.

“There is a difference in not being able to physically be in the home and see the environment, but I do think it gives them a chance to focus on continuing to build the relationship,” said Vanessa Trivento, circuit director for Guardian ad Litem in Duval, Nassau and Clay counties.

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