Children Available

Searching for foster care resources and foster children available for adoption in your state?  There are children available for adoption in every state:


Heart Gallery Alabama  – at any given time in the state of Alabama, hundreds, if not thousands, of children in foster care are awaiting a loving and caring adoptive home. Many have never felt the warmth and joy that comes from a forever family. Will you be that family?


Heart Gallery of Alaska – hosts listings of Alaskan children legally free for adoption. Working in conjunction with Alaska Center for Resource Families and the Office of Children’s Services.

Northwest Adoption Exchange – handles four states including Alaska.


SonomaCares – information about foster care parenting in Sonoma County.


The Adoption Exchange serves multiple states. Headquartered in Colorado, The Adoption Exchange now operates in Missouri, Nevada, and Utah. Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming are also participating member states.


The profiles and portraits of children currently available for adoption in Delaware are highlighted in this online Heart Gallery.


Heart Gallery of Pasco and Pinellas County – Gulf Coast of Florida


Now It’s My Turn – search for children waiting for adoption through the Georgia Department of Human Services


A PDF Listing of organizations licensed in the state of Hawaii for child services.


Northwest Adoption Exchange – handles four states including Idaho.


The Heart Gallery in Illinois lists the children currently available.


Four Oaks Foster & Adoption service throughout the great state of Iowa.  View the children available in Iowa.


Learn about  children available, adoption services available and how to adopt.


AdoptUsKids – a national project based out of Maryland has listings of children all over the country.


Massachusetts Adoption Exchange

New York

New York State’s waiting children: All the children are legally freed for adoption. Each child’s narrative will introduce you to the child while respecting the child’s right to privacy. The narrative is not intended to provide a detailed description of the child’s history or current needs. When it is determined to be in the child’s best interest, the NY agency contact will share more detailed information about the child with those who may be able to provide a permanent connection and/or adoptive home for the child.

North Carolina

WBTV-On Your Side Forever children – Charlotte, North Carolina


The Waiting Child Heart Gallery of OK employs the power of photography to raise awareness, inspire communities and recruit adoptive families for Oklahoma’s waiting children.


Northwest Adoption Exchange – handles four states including Oregon.

Rhode Island

The RI Department of Children, Youth, and Families has a list of resources for foster families and families wanting to adopt, along with a comprehensive list of links to adoption agencies.


There are plenty of wonderful children and teens available for adoption in the great state of Vermont.


Northwest Adoption Exchange – handles four states including the state of Washington