Love on Wheels for Foster Children

Dr. Kathy Kunkel is an active United Methodist and a veterinarian who often loads her horse trailer with suitcases full of toiletries and basic clothing items to deliver to foster children in 48 counties. She started a non-profit in Tennessee called Love on Wheels to give dignity and hope […]

Rebecca Peppers: “They took me in the middle of the night to some weird place. My sister was scared. I told her it would be fine.”

(Voice of Dr. Kathy Kunkel) Entering into the foster care system is a very traumatic experience.

Johnny Peppers: “It’s 11:30 at night. Five kids show up in a van, everything they own is in one giant black trash bag.”

Rebecca Peppers: “A trash bag. I didn’t have a toothbrush. I thought, ‘I have nothing.’”

Johnny Peppers: “They had lice, scabies, we had to burn the clothes.”

(Voice of Dr. Kathy Kunkel) “Foster children are often reduced to carrying their things around in trash bags. From moment one they’re told non-verbally that they too are trash. So, we want to turn that around.”

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