Phenomenal Story about Couple That Fostered Baby With Medical Secret

Back in the early 1970s, Corrine and Roger Vogel were ready to start their family. They’d always felt the calling to foster a child in need and found exactly what they were looking for in a 10-week-old baby girl named Cindy.

Cindy was born with a hole in her heart, but doctors didn’t initially tell the Vogels the full story. It was only after they brought Cindy home that they were told the sick child wouldn’t survive to see her first birthday.

Their social worker asked if they wanted to find Cindy a new home in light of her medical issues, but Corrine and Roger refused. “She was ours and she wasn’t leaving,” Corrine recounted to KTXL.

Fostering Cindy was such a blessing for Corrine and Roger that they decided to dedicate their lives to helping as many kids as they possibly could.

They ended up modifying their California home and adding more bedrooms to satisfy the legal requirements for taking in more children.

Since 1973, and over the course of their 50-year marriage, the Vogels have provided a home and health care to around 143 children, in addition to their five biological children.

And as for Cindy …

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