COVID-19 Increases Need for More Foster Homes in Michigan and Beyond

The Michigan Department of Health & Humans Services (MDHHS) is always looking to recruit more foster homes, especially now that some families are unable to take in children due to COVID-19 concerns.

“With COVID, we have some unique barriers because some foster parents are reluctant to allow a stranger into their home. They don’t know if they’ve been exposed to it,” said Tim Thompson, foster care licensing specialist for Mason and Oceana counties. “They try to put their heart above their fear of this disease, but at the end of the day, they have to worry about their family as well, so it’s a tough balance.”

“Between our MDHHS homes and private agencies, there are only 20 foster homes between the two counties,” he said. “State-wide, we are losing 30 percent of our homes each year for various reasons. We are really trying to combat that 30 percent we are losing, and then you throw in something like COVID that totally stops …”

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