Non-profit Created to help Foster Kids carry their belongings

Every day children across the county are put into foster care for a variety of reasons. Many of those enter the system with only a few belongings and whatever they’re able to carry in a trash bag. Which is why, Dr. Matthew Cox, a child-abuse pediatrician and the medical director of St. Luke’s Children at Risk Evaluation Services (CARES) started a non-profit to change that.

“They’ve been through some type of trauma, be that physical abuse or severe neglect or exposure to drugs or a toxic environment, so they’ve had a rough life to begin with and now they’re having to go live with strangers,” Cox explained. “This is a little way to give them joy on a very difficult day.”

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Cox and his spouse, Jason, started non-profit organization Jessica’s Trunk with the idea that children heading into foster care can have luggage of their very own. Something they can put their few belongings in and carry with pride as they head into the foster care system.

They named the non-profit after Jason’s sister who passed away.

“Jessica’s Trunk started because my spouse and I both work in an area of kids who have been abused or neglected and we realized this was a need,” Cox said…

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