What Makes a Family?

I know you didn’t ask.. but,

I have always felt that family are the people that are there for you when you really need them. Yes, a connection, trust, and communication are important, but that all comes naturally. If you have read my past columns, you know that my husband and I have chosen to start and build our family by means of the foster care system. To date, we have adopted our first son and we are hoping to adopt our next one in the next few months.

We have learned a great deal in the last couple of years about what family is and what it should be. Yes, we need to show the kiddos that come into our home what family means to us. Showing a youth that doesn’t know or understand what a family is supposed to be like is not easy. It takes time and explanation of why this is happening. Why when your brother or your father calls you up, asking for help or doing a job for them, you do so without expectations of getting paid. For a person that has only needed to look after themselves, the concept of family could get confusing, and …

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