Couple one year into emotional journey of being foster parents

Nearly one year ago, Jeff and Crystal Knight shared a very special announcement on social media. The Facebook post included a professional photo of the smiling couple with a major announcement about their family:

They were becoming foster parents.

The Knights say that they deliberately shared their big news like many do pregnancy announcements, because for them, this is their baby announcement. “We wanted to treat it with just as much as excitement,” Crystal said. “We want to normalize foster care and normalize the process and fear and pain and excitement and love.”

As with most foster parents, their journey – though still brief – has certainly been filled with all of those emotions.

And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jeff and Crystal met online but quickly discovered their circle of friends overlapped quite a bit. They were delighted to find out they shared similar interests in the arts, and Crystal even noted that Jeff was wearing a “Support Local Art” shirt in his online profile picture, and she happened to be wearing hers the night she saw Jeff’s profile. The pair clicked immediately, but with Crystal having two children from a previous marriage, she wanted to make sure her relationship with Jeff was serious before introducing him to her daughter and son.

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