Fighting the horror of human trafficking

IN A SENSE, slavery is not dead. The dirty little secret in the state of Georgia, and even here in posh little Savannah, is the fact that human trafficking is alive.

Georgia has the seventh highest rate of human trafficking at 3.49 per 100,000. Even more astounding is the fact that according to some estimates, there are more human slaves in the world today than any time in our history (

Make no mistake, human trafficking is modern day enslavement, whether by sexual exchanges, forced labor, organ removal or many other deviant activities.

The victims, mostly children, who are shuffled from one activity to the next, produce up to $150 billion per year on the global market.

The hotspot in Georgia is Atlanta, but with the idea of casino gambling coming to Savannah, the possibility of this kind of activity growing exponentially here could be on the horizon if we let it happen.

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