Finding Families for Children in Foster Care

Fun Day at Zoo Miami Means Serious Business

A day at Zoo Miami usually means some serious fun, but for The Children’s Trust team charged with creating digital photo and video libraries that encourage the adoption of harder-to-place children, it’s Miami Heart Gallery.

Video crews, professional photographers, hair and makeup artists and dozens of other volunteers converged at the zoo last month with a single goal in mind: to help 21 children find their forever families.

“The ideal goal for kids in foster care is a sustainably happy and healthy family reunification,” says James Haj, president and CEO of The Children’s Trust. “But when families simply cannot be kept together and parental rights are terminated, we step up to help those children find stable and loving homes.”

There are currently more than 100 children in Miami-Dade’s foster care system who are ready to be adopted, dozens of whom are featured in The Children’s Trust web-based Heart Gallery; their heartwarming stories, images and videos can be viewed at

“These are amazing kids who have been dealt unbelievable challenges” says Haj. “The Miami Heart Gallery …

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