Five potential victories for Religious Liberty in 2019

Across the U.S., from California to Philadelphia, people of all faith have fought for and won the right to freely follow their consciences where they live, work, and serve. Now, the fight continues as foster families, historic crosses, students, and pastors, imams, rabbis, and nuns face off against anti-religious …

Will foster families be able to continue working with religious adoption agencies? Thousands of children in Philadelphia don’t have a bed to call their own. Yet Sharonell Fulton, a mother who has fostered 40 children over 25 years, is unable to open her home to them, because the city of Philadelphia is trying to shut down the adoption agency she chooses to work with and the only one she is licensed with. The reason is solely because Philadelphia disagrees with the agency’s religious beliefs on marriage. The 3rd Circuit will decide whether a Catholic ministry has the right to serve families according to its faith, and whether foster parents like Sharonell have the right to choose the agency with the services that best fits their needs….

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