Unadopted. Forever a Foster Child, Never an Adopted Son

In the documentary Unadopted , a young man who has aged out of foster care describes a plight common to all too many.

It is hard not to admire Noel Anaya. The 22-year-old narrator of the short documentary film Unadopted, which was released last week on YouTube, aged out of the foster-care system in California a few years ago. So many of the young adults who are not reunited with their biological parents and are never adopted into a new family have been destroyed by the experience. Of the 22,000 young adults who age out of foster care each year, a fifth will become homeless, only half will be gainfully employed by the age of 24, and less than 3 percent will earn a college degree.

Anaya, who decides to go read all of the court records to reconstruct his childhood, notes that “there are holes” in his family tree. “Lots of them.” He asks: “If you don’t have parents, how do you find out how you grew up?”


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