Did You Know…May is National Foster Care Month

Melania Trump addresses her critics and more in first post-White House interviewWhat comes to mind when you hear the words “foster parents” or “foster homes”? Child advocates all around the state want to make sure that you know how important these roles are and why finding more caring adults that want to volunteer and step into these roles is so vital.

May is National Foster Care Month and it’s a good time to clear up some misconceptions about foster care.

“To make it clear that it is not the child’s fault that they are in foster care, says Child Advocate Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, “There were circumstances in their family that made it necessary, hopefully to be reunited; but they are good children that need a good home.”

They need a safe place to live and that’s the role of a foster parent.

Cindy adds:, “Foster parents are the angels that have stepped up and who are willing to take a child into their home. Give them the love and support that they need.”

“Foster parents are desperately needed at all times, so if you have a heart and you have a home, please open it up to these children. You can get certified fairly easily, says Child Advocate Kellie Paris…

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