Foster Care in Clay County, Florida

Paul and Jacque Supinsky never hesitated when Kids First of Florida called for the first time. Or the second. Or the third.

They knew children were in a desperate need of love and attention – and they had plenty of both.

Brothers and sisters have been removed from homes with nothing more than a trash bag of belongings. Parents who were deemed incapable of caring for their children, either by abuse, drug and alcohol addictions or neglect, often don’t realize how their behavior sometimes leads to more anguish than any child should know.

As foster parents, the Supinskys know their time with their “beautiful babies” is fleeting. While the state only allows for child to be placed in Foster Care for one year, Kids First works with parents to help them work through issues to make the separation as brief as possible. If the parents clean up their act, the children may be returned. If not, the children will be available for adoption.

So they make every moment count.

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