The Only Foster Parents on this Island. They are Making a Difference in Kids’ Lives

Mia and Patrick Knight know the tribulations and joys of parenthood, the small but indelible moments when they can see the effect they have made on somebody else’s life.

Because they lived those moments as foster parents, they have also seen the influence that opening their homes and their hearts can have on the parents of the children in their care.

“I can’t imagine having whatever mental-health or drug-addiction issue they may have and being separated from their child. How can they try to get better without knowing how their kids are and who has them?” Mia said.

“It’s our job to tell the parents that their kids are safe until you get better, and when you get better, they can come back.”

The couple have provided foster care for 17 children over the last decade. They moved to Nantucket in 2020, only to find that they were the only foster family on-island.

Yes, foster parents are making a difference. You can too!

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