Foster parents need a village. She gave them one.

The call from social services came at midnight in October 2017 — Ruben Elizondo and his wife Hillarie Elizondo’s first foster child, a 4-month-old boy, would arrive in two hours with only the clothes on his back and a baby carrier.

“We were ready to reach out and open our home up,” said Ruben Elizondo, 40. “We didn’t know anything about him — what type of food he’s been eating or how he’s been sleeping. We didn’t really know this little guy, but we had this need to just take care of him.”

The Austin couple’s experience isn’t uncommon. An emergency foster placement happens quickly, often with a few hours’ notice. Foster parents usually don’t have age-appropriate foods, clothing or personal items available.

The Elizondos reached out for help to Foster Village Austin, an organization supporting foster families. Volunteers from the nonprofit dropped off needed items that day…

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