Foster program provides families for elderly veterans

Help a Veteran

U.S. Veterans give so much to this country and a lot of them often feel left behind as they grow older.

They sometimes end up spending their last years alone in nursing homes but a program with the Robley Rex VA Medical Center is proving that they don’t have to.

Marianne Bond has opened up her home to strangers for years but the people she takes in don’t remain unfamiliar.

Marianne is a caregiver with the Robley Rex VA Medical Center’s foster home program. It’s designed so those brave men and women who have served our country don’t have to live in a nursing home. Instead, they get a family.

“They did a lot for this country, they deserve it too,” said Marianna.

So Marianne has been doing this since 2009. She isn’t simply making sure they’re okay; she cares about them.


Interested in the foster program? You can get involved through the Louisville VA website.

More about the Veteran Foster program from WHAS Louisville:

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