Foster’s Home for Children creates foster parent program

Foster’s Home for Children has recently reopened a new program to teach individuals how to become a foster parent.

“We train and license individual families in the communities – the surrounding communities, not just Stephenville – but we do a 50-mile radius and we license families who are interested in becoming foster parents in their home. They stay in the home and take in foster kids,” said David Asbill, chief operating officer at Foster’s Home for Children.

The program was part of one that was shut down many years ago. In September 2017, the program was reopened, but didn’t officially license families until January of 2018.

“That’s what we meant by reopened. It’s a process to get families licensed. That’s when we just started doing the recruitment and the training and it took from September to January to get the first group of families licensed and certified through everything they had to do to become foster parents,” Asbill said.

Asbill said individuals who are interested in becoming foster parents can come to an orientation meeting and they will discuss the process that they will have to go through to become a foster parent…

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