He’s on the Front line. Added foster care and family

Earlier this month, that sigh of relief came after a night in which Tim saved a man’s life by using an overdose reversal medicine. It is something he’s done before.

At home, however, he’s in the midst of a first-time experience together.

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Each with children from previous relationships, and one child together, they have added a foster child. She’s been a foster parent before, but for Tim, it’s something new.

The child, who was born with a few medical issues at birth, is now thriving in their home, they say. He came home from the hospital at just two days old. He’s now four months.

“There are so many kids and not enough homes,” Cornelia says. “There’s not hardly any homes in Bladen County, and the child that we have is from Robeson County.”   More:

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