Guardians ad litem struggle with COVID limitations

Angela Corbin is waiting for the day when she can be face-to-face with the three children she represents as a guardian ad litem volunteer. She is charged with speaking on their behalf as the state courts decide whether to let those children remain with troubled parents or be placed elsewhere until the issues are resolved that put them in danger.

Corbin is one of 26 GAL volunteers currently serving in Beaufort County, which is part of the state’s Second Judicial District. She was assigned two cases shortly after being sworn in as a GAL in March.

“I was supposed to meet two little boys, brothers, from my first case on the Sunday before the COVID-19 stuff came into play,” she said. “On the Friday before I saw them I was told ‘no more face-to-face visits.’”

Corbin said the inability to speak with them directly makes the children’s cases even more heartbreaking than they already are without the complications of a world-wide pandemic…

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