Help Foster Children: Become a Mentor

by Kendra Ware

“I am the person I am today because of the efforts of mentors who guided me through life, starting with my mother and my fourth-grade teacher who reminded me that I did have a gift for math and science and helped me find ways to study despite my battle with mild dyslexia.

Later, a college professor and supervisor helped me develop the professional skills I needed to find a job and be successful in the workplace. They reviewed my resume and gave tips, suggested books and classes to take that enhanced my soft skills, along with allowing me to practice my new-found skills with them. Lastly, my … read the rest

…what is most amazing is when you set out to change someone else’s life, you may find that the biggest change is in yourself. Focusing on someone else will make you realize the blessings you have overlooked in your own life, and that can change your world.”

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