Helping Youths Aging Out of Foster

The I Can Foundation

All sorts of ships are departing from Tampa Bay every day, but there is one particular vessel that’s about to go on a voyage that will be life-changing for a population that often gets overlooked.

Liz Sutherland is used to navigating through challenging circumstances growing up in the foster care system but she never imagined it would land her on a real yacht.

Foster Today logo“I’m using my story, you know it’s kind of like a vessel for the world, and literally this is my vessel,” said Sutherland as she climbed aboard the 100-foot sailboat.

First came the book, “No Ordinary Liz,” then came the ship. Liz has become the face and ambassador for the I Can Foundation, which supports and inspires young adults, ages 18-24, who are aging out of the foster care system.

“I didn’t have a mom, a dad, a grandmother, a grandpa, aunts, uncles, I didn’t even have my siblings, and so I literally was just out here trying to figure it out, trying to navigate, what is my next path, what is my next step,” said Sutherland.

According to Sutherland, 23,000 people nationwide age out of the foster system every year, like 18-year-old Daveon… more on the I Can Foundation and helping Foster Youth Aging Out

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