Guardian ad litem: Holding a child’s hand through court

“The vulnerability of a small person” was driven home for Elkins when she met that child, despite having worked as a teacher for nine years and raised two children of her own.

“What a large task we adults who are in the lives of small children have to make sure that they’re safe,” Elkins reflected.

Guardians ad litem are adults, usually volunteers, who act as advocates for children whose families are embroiled in family court battles. “Ad litem” is a Latin phrase meaning “for the lawsuit.”

Usually, the children are placed in foster care, and guardians ad litem go to court on their behalf, and act as a “good person in their (lives),” Elkins said.

Elkins became a guardian ad litem eight years ago. She saw an ad in a newspaper and decided to take the three-day training, since retirement from her teaching career was on the horizon…

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