How a Minnesota couple’s foster care journey led to their forever family

During the process of transitioning the children from their amazing foster family to Richard and Traci’s, “the social workers did a great job of protecting the kids’ hearts,” Traci explained.

“I was really guarding my heart to not get overexcited,” Richard said. But once they got word they’d been chosen to adopt the children, Richard said the reality of the situation hit him. “My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I’d guarded my heart for so long, and I finally got to release all this love, knowing this is forever,” he said.

Traci shared those same feelings, but also said she knew how difficult the process would be for the kids to leave the “special” foster family they’d been with to come home with the Andersons.

As for the transition from a family of three to a family of five in only a short time, Traci and Richard laughed. Because the kids are so close in age — Elsie turns six in April, followed by their son in June and their youngest turns 5 in July — Richard said they had to adjust quickly. There’s obviously more noise and more toys but also more love and laughter. Plus, the Andersons didn’t have to brace themselves to ever say goodbye…

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