Karin Taylor and Her Equestrian Therapy Program for At-Risk Youth

After three years of acting, Karin Taylor tied the knot and thought it was time for another change. Having to move from the west coast to the northeast coast, she began working in the event planning and interior design space. Over time she and her husband had five children whom she homeschooled. However, it was through her acting connections that provided her the inspiration needed to start to develop her learning programs and direct her down the philanthropic path.

“When I guest starred on Baywatch,” she explains, “I guest starred in an episode that was specifically about Camp Baywatch, which is a foundation that Greg Bonann, a creator and producer, and his girlfriend, Tai Collins, launched. They specifically work with at-risk youth in Los Angeles and I was really inspired by the work that she did. I adapted a lot of the programs she has done and created other programs from that inspiration.”

One of Taylor’s most celebrated programs is called Unbridled Power, which is a one-of-a-kind equine-assisted-learning horse therapy program that focuses on helping veterans, disabled youth and children develop critical life skills. Equine-assisted-learning (EAL) is a remarkable learning approach that promotes the development of essential life skills through groundwork act …

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