How To Be The Hero Foster Children Need

(CNN) — When it comes to foster care, there is a child behind every statistic yearning for a loving home. The national foster care system served 690,548 kids in 2017, the most recent year reflected in the latest US Department of Health and Human Services report. That’s a figure […]

Be a foster child’s advocate

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is an authorized volunteer who gets to know the foster child, the foster parents, birth parents, and anyone else in the child’s life. After learning about the child’s situation, they become the voice for the child’s best interests and speak to the judge on the child’s behalf. You can find out more about the CASA program here, and this interactive map can locate a CASA program in your area.

Support your local foster care non-profits

State-run and charitable foster care organizations are always looking for help. Volunteers can sort donated supplies, chaperone events, provide transportation and assist in the office.

Foster care programs in your area will likely accept donations of new and slightly worn clothing and school supplies. Many children enter foster care with very few belongings, and they are not prepared for their new home, school and life. Suitcases and backpacks are also useful. (Some foster children must carry …

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