How to Encourage Leadership Skills in Your Foster Children

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As a foster parent, you play an incredibly important role in helping your children develop the skills they need to thrive out in the world. Before you know it, your foster children will be leaving to go to college, start a career, or travel somewhere. Make sure they’re prepared! A good set of leadership skills will allow your foster children to forge a path forward and collaborate effectively with others to pursue their dreams. Here are 10 great resources from Foster Today to help you instill leadership skills in your foster children!

Model Good Leadership Skills

Great leaders lead by example. Let your foster children see you making decisions that align with your leadership values.

  • Pursue leadership positions in your career. Going back to school to improve your career prospects will set a great example for your child.
  • Talk to your kids like adults and treat them with the same level of respect you expect in return.
  • Admit when you make a mistake.
  • Model great listening skills by being fully attentive when your child is talking to you.


Teach Independence and Teamwork

Strong leadership relies on both teamwork and independence. Set your kids up for success by encouraging both of these important skills.


Encourage Engagement in Leadership Activities

Participating in leadership activities can help your foster children develop key leadership skills and see the value in pursuing leadership roles.

  • Give your kids a say in household decisions.
  • If possible, take your kids to work one day and give them roles.
  • Encourage your kids to join a sports team so they can practice skills needed to succeed in life, like confidence, goal-setting, and accountability.

Foster children who develop good life skills go on to thrive as young adults. Help your kids get a strong start in their professional lives by equipping them with solid leadership skills! By modeling leadership, encouraging participation in group activities, and instilling independence, you’ll shape your foster kids into the leaders of tomorrow!


Are you looking for foster care resources or foster children available for adoption? Check out the Foster Today website for links to foster resources in every state.

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