How to Support Foster and Adoptive Families during National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. Throughout the month, people raised awareness of the need for adoption and foster care families.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services reports 756 children were adopted in the federal fiscal year for 2020.

DCFS makes an effort to reunify children with their families when they enter foster care During the 2020 time period, 1,708 children were reunified with families.

In Monroe, the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home uses its Connect 1:27 Foster Care and Adoption Ministry to work with families connected with the child welfare system, as well as communicating to the churches the need for involvement.

“We offer support for families. They can begin with us with foster parent orientation and learn what all the requirements are to become certified. We provide that as a service and then we can partner with them throughout the foster care journey and provide faith-based support,” LBCH Director of Foster Care and Adoption Ministries Kerri Byrd said.

She says adoption and foster care is a continuous need, but right now they’ve noticed an increased need for support of those families.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services reporters 6,181 children were served in foster care in the federal fiscal year for 2020. There were also 667 newly certified foster homes.

Byrd says there are many ways for people to help outside of fostering or adopting.

“We’ve had churches get involved through offering a foster parents night out where they provide childcare. Some churches have offered to provide training for foster families because that’s something that’s required of them every year. Families also have to maintain training hours. Churches have hosted that and provided speakers,” Byrd said.

Another way to make a huge difference is by becoming a CASA volunteer.

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