How CASA Volunteers are advocating for kids in foster care during the pandemic

Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA volunteers have continued to serve kids in the foster care system throughout the pandemic, but it’s been different.

Before, they would do home visits and see the families and kids at court, but while court appearances were put on hold, volunteers were reaching out to the families they were assigned to through Zoom and phone calls.

The goal of doing what’s best for the kids has stayed the same.

“They’re not there for the parents, they’re not there for the attorneys,” said Brooke Hendrickx, Child Abuse Council director of development and communications. “They’re strictly there to make sure everything’s being done in the best interest of the child and really to support the social, emotional, physical needs.”

In Rock Island County, there are currently 12 volunteers assigned to 12 different cases helping 24 children in the foster care system.

More information on becoming a CASA volunteer can be found on their website.

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