Infertility was a ‘blessing’ for Illinois woman who wanted to be a mom.

Four adopted children later

At age 22, Kerry Babel was married and had already had the conversation with her husband about foster care. She’d wanted to be a mom since she was 7. But endometriosis and unsuccessful fertility treatments made the biological option impossible. Husband Jeremy suggested they adopt. A trip to Central America led Kerry to her daughter.

“I came home on a Sunday, told my husband we need to adopt from Central America,” she said. “That Monday, I found an agency that was placing babies from Guatemala. And by Thursday of that week, we were matched with my daughter, who was 4 days old. Five months later, she came home with us. My infertility was really my greatest blessing.”

The Babels were both 26 at the time. While Kerry recalls having built an online support group specific to Guatemala, they didn’t have much training on what would happen after they were stateside, or what the years would look like with the new addition to the family…

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