‘It’s bizarre when someone comes to your house and hands you a baby’

When Jodie became a foster mum she never realised just how closely related foster care and domestic violence can be. Jodie started fostering children almost nine years ago, calling up to begin the long application process simply because she wanted to help. “To be perfectly honest I can’t even […]

“Our very first foster child was a little girl who was three-months-old, and they called us and said ‘can you take her today?'” Jodie recalls.

In the hours between that call and the baby’s arrival Jodie went into a mad rush trying to get the house ready, stock up on nappies and baby supplies, and prepare herself to meet her first foster.

These days she keeps plenty of supplies around the home for any new arrivals, but at the time it was an overwhelming feeling.

“It’s a very bizarre feeling to have someone just turn up at your house and hand you a baby,” she laughs.

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