Kentucky Has Failed Children

Kentucky leads the nation in child abuse cases: How foster care can help

“Kentucky is leading the nation in child abuse cases and also, in babies who are born to mothers who are addicted to substances.”

Nearly $1 million awarded to teach young Kentuckians parenting, finance skillsDel Rio said the number one leading cause for child abuse in Kentucky is neglect.

Due to the drug epidemic, the foster care industry is in need of more families to step up and provide safe homes. One of the many services Nightlight offers is placing children into foster homes and preparing the homes to bring a child in.

“We search for families who are willing to be foster families and train them, work with them,” Poynter said.

Del Rio adds, “It’s just such a huge issue for Kentucky and we’re in a crisis right now finding homes for all of the kids who need placement.”

Another huge shortage is at the state level, where Kentucky is needing more volunteers, in 45 counties, to look at the youth’s cases in court.

“Each county is responsible for having a volunteer review board for looking at each case,” Poynter said. “And if an adoption needs to occur, basically what they’re going to be doing is making recommendations to the courts.”

Nightlight has also seen another growing issue with families not returning to the foster program after one year…

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