Helping young people aging out of foster care gain independence

Mathnasium helps Milpitas-based nonprofitAll kids in the foster care system are in need of a loving home, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Statistics show teens are more likely to have a difficult time finding that home than any other age group, but they’re eligible for state help only through age 21.

So what happens then? Let It Be Us, an agency in the northwest suburbs, is working hard to help those young people survive and thrive.

Alex is on her way to a career in construction – her dream job – but she can tell you dreams don’t always come true.

“I technically do not have parents. I don’t have, like, a family,” she said.

Alex spent years in the foster care system, and when it was time to leave, she felt lost.

“I was aging out of the system, when they…

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