Letting Go Off a Foster Child

heart broken storms in lifeJust a few hours ago this one amazing foster family made this post on social media:

“Life of a foster family: We just handed him over the case manager with all his clothes, toys, other belongs along with a lunch for today. I tried the best I could to explain to this sweet boy that he isn’t going to visit his family and that he won’t be coming back here. The truth they don’t even have a place for him yet. I prayed over him and handed him off. Knowing I have no control over where he will sleep tonight. Knowing I won’t be able to protect him any longer. I’ve only had him a short time. Even I’m shocked by the tears that won’t stop. It never gets easier. Too say I could never foster because I couldn’t let them go is to not knowing what true love really is. True love isn’t selfish. Please lift [this boy] up in prayers.”

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