Little Girl – A Poem by Haley Roberts

Little Girl


Little girl, little girl

Who cares for you?

You’re swept from place to place

With a faulty broom.


Little girl, little girl

Here you can stay.

Unpack your belongings,

We’ve got space for them to lay.


Little girl, little girl

I see the tears in your eyes.

You don’t have to hide here,

You’re not locked inside.


Little girl, little girl

Let me care for you.

I’ll check your closet for the monsters

And under your bed too.


Little girl, little girl

Get some rest and stay.

I understand why you feel

The need to run away.


Little girl, little girl

Here you are safe.

We’ll pick up the pieces of you

Others have destroyed.

We’ll help you find your way.


Little girl, little girl

I’m here to help you grow.

We’ll build some wings together

So that you may soar on your own.


You’ll see the sparkling waters.

You’ll see the rolling land.

Nothing but miles of opportunity

You never knew you had.


Little girl, little girl

When you’re ready to land

I’ll be here with you

Reach out and take my hand.


~ Haley Roberts.  Haley has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Auburn University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of New England.  She is currently working as a Moderate Care Residential Program Therapist and is a Licensed Master Social Worker by the Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners.

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