Matthew’s Closet supplies clothes, supplies free of charge to new foster families

BUCKHANNON – Usually when families have a child, they have approximately 40 weeks to prepare for the arrival. However, for families who help by taking foster children into their homes, sometimes the arrival can be sudden or come in the middle of the night. Matthew’s Closet, started by Glenda […]

“We have been foster parents for a little more than three years,” Glenda shared. “We wanted a way to continue to give to foster care, and we noticed there have been many requests on social media from foster parents.”

So, the Lewis family decided to put together Matthew’s Closet where families could find needed items.

Glenda said there are foster closet facilities located in Grafton and Clarksburg, so they decided to open one in Buckhannon in order to fulfill a growing need: As the number of youth in the foster care system has grown to more than 7,200 as of earlier this week.

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