This is Who Foster Care is For…

How many times have you heard stories of foster parents sacrificing their homes, finances, and hearts for little ones that will inevitably be taken away from them? How many times has your heart crumbled as you thought “I could never do that”?

Foster parent, Alyssa Short, has heard that line multiple times as she’s fostered kids. So, she took to Facebook to explain what it means to be a foster parent, and her message gained a lot of attention.

Alyssa and her husband are very active in their community church, and extremely passionate about foster care. She often shares status updates, posts, and articles that demonstrate just how powerful it is to bring a child into your home with no expectation but to love them back to a place of peace.

Still, she is plagued with the comment “I could never do that” so often, that she decided to address it in a powerful message:

Fostering – “I could never do that”
One of, if not THE most common phrases I’ve heard when the topic of foster care comes up. It’s usually followed with “it would break my heart” or “I would get too attached” I know a lot of people don’t really know what foster care is and I understand where that comment is coming from but I want to say something: THAT IS LITERALLY THE POINT”

She included a photo of herself rocking one of her foster children in her arms…

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