The Data on Nebraska Foster Care Children

The Foster Care Review Office announced today the release of its required 2020 Annual Report with outcome indicators and recommendations for Nebraska children in out-of-home care. The FCRO’s statutory role is to conduct independent reviews of children’s cases, gather and analyze data about children in out-of-home care through child welfare or juvenile justice, and propel the systems to make positive changes so that children’s needs are met and they are better off when they leave care than when they entered.

The FCRO Annual Report, submitted to the Legislature each year on September 1, contains analysis of tracking and review data from the previous state fiscal year. In FY2019-20, this included the tracking of more than 7,000 children who were in out-of-home care for one or more days, and over 4,000 case file reviews for 3,490 children out-of-home for 6 months or more.

“This Annual Report contains data and analysis that can be used by leaders and policy makers to determine the direction in which our child welfare and juvenile justice systems will go in the coming year,” said Monika Gross, Executive Director of the FCRO. “In addition, it informs stakeholders and the public about the experience of children and youth in out-of-home care in Nebraska.”

The Report finds that some ….

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