MO Non-profit Helping to Keep Children out of foster care system

More than 3,000 Mississippi children are in foster care according to John Damon with Canopy Children’s Solutions. He says the non-profit organization has diverted 4,000 kids from going into the foster care system over the past two years because of a partnership with Trustmark Bank. Damon says the bank has donated $1.5 million through a tax credit to provide counseling and other services to families where children can safely live with their parents or relatives.

“The legislature helped make this tax credit available in 2019, that businesses can take advantage of and direct a portion of their tax to non-profits whose mission is to help keep kids out of foster care,” said Damon.

Thursday state officials joined Canopy staff and guests outside their Jackson headquarters to rename Canopy’s lobby after Trustmark Bank. Duane Dewey is the bank’s CEO in Jackson.

“There’s a tremendous need out there. There’s a section of the community that doesn’t have access to all the services that Canopy offers and fills that need. We think again it makes for a better community, a stronger community, a better place to do business, a better place to live and work,” said Dewey…

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