Thank you. Foster parents bring good into world

“For many innocent children in our communities, family life goes wrong or gets complicated, and they end up in foster care. Thankfully, there are foster parents who step up and dedicate their lives to helping others. Their huge, caring hearts embrace children and youth.

Thank you to each foster parent for the good you bring to this world.

Thank you for putting yourself second so the child can be put first.

Thank you for providing for children you have no prior connection to or knowledge of.

Thank you for the time and extra expenses you put into helping children have a happier, more successful future.

Thank you for enduring and persevering through the obstacles you encounter as a foster parent.

You welcome children into your home, and give them everything that you can to help better them and prepare them for a successful future. You raise them as if they were your own, loving them more and more with every passing day. You watch them grow, teach them how to share, drop them off at school and then, one day, you help them say goodbye.

It takes a lot to be a foster parent. You must have courage and patience, and you must also be selfless. A lot of people cannot handle the pressure and complications of fostering, which is why we appreciated and thank you who do.

If you are, were previously, or intend to be a foster parent, thank you for all you do.”

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