Oklahoma Human Services Asking What Do You Need to Support Families

Oklahoma“We know that all families need each of these key skills to be successful,” said Dr. Deborah Shropshire, Director of Child Welfare Services. “But, particularly in times of stress, all families may not have the tools and resources they need to succeed. OKDHS is here to support Oklahomans, and we also know that communities are ready to support their neighbors. We are standing beside Oklahoma’s families to ask #WhatDoYouNeed not only to survive, but to thrive.”

The #WhatDoYouNeed campaign focuses on strengthening families within the five key protective factors and offers concrete steps and resources to support families in their success. While OKDHS hopes that these tools and resources are supportive to families, the agency also hopes that partner organizations and others in the community will carry the #WhatDoYouNeed message forward.

“We see in our work within child welfare and so many other programs within OKDHS the power of the community stepping forward to support neighbors,” said Shropshire. “Along with helping families find pathways to success, we also hope this campaign empowers and mobilizes the community to step forward and offer help. If we all watch out for each other, we can really offer a measure of protection and bring HOPE to families who may be struggling.”

More about #WhatDoYouNeed campaign:

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