Kelly issues order on foster kids’ education

Kansas Governor Issues order on Foster kids’ education

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly issued an executive order on Tuesday that will require the state to track foster children’s progress in school, shortly after having vetoed a similar bill last month. In an annual report card detailing the academic progress and classroom struggles of children in its care, Kelly’s order […]

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Parliamentary Petition: Time To Make The 300K Families Affected By Rare Disorders A Health Priority

Time To Make The 300,000+ Families Affected By Rare Disorders A Health Priority

Sue Haldane, a mother of a child with a rare disorder, has spent 17 years dealing with barriers within our health system to ensure her daughter Lizzie’s needs are met. Now Sue is determined that the journey will be easier for future generations of New Zealanders living with a rare disorder. Follow Foster.Today on Twitter: […]

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Front line, foster care and family

He’s on the Front line. Added foster care and family

Earlier this month, that sigh of relief came after a night in which Tim saved a man’s life by using an overdose reversal medicine. It is something he’s done before. At home, however, he’s in the midst of a first-time experience together. Follow Foster.Today on Twitter: @fostertoday Each with children from previous relationships, and one […]

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SA STRONG: Foster care graduate shares inspiring story of strength

Foster care graduate shares inspiring story of strength

Children in foster care can move schools at least one or twice in a year and it can be tough on their academic progress. Last month, six local foster care students received their high school diplomas. An in-person graduation reception is scheduled for later this month. Ti’Aysia, 20, is ready is ready to embark on […]

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Foster youth fight for funding to boost mentorship and support program

Foster Youth fights for funding to aid mentorship and support program

“I called someone from the Global Education Office and they were unaware the school was asking us to leave,” Alcis said. Two months after arriving in England for a SUNY study-abroad program, 21-year-old Marie Alcis found herself all but stranded as COVID-19 surged on both sides of the Atlantic. Alcis, a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh, […]

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South Carolina Youth Advocate Program seeking Foster Parents throughout the state

Currently there are nearly 4,800 children in foster care in South Carolina. Unfortunately, there are not enough foster homes in our state to care for the population of children, particularly those with some type of special need. The lack of foster families decreases a child’s ability to remain in their community, which is important in […]

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A Mother Reflects On Adoption And Parenting Without Perfection

TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. Race became a central issue in my guest Kristen Howerton’s life when she adopted two black children. Howerton is white. She decided to adopt after several miscarriages. First, she adopted a 6-month-old who was in foster care. And later, she adopted an infant from an […]

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